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For all Sydney Backpackers it’s vital to know where you can go for the most useful and insightful information available.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if all of that information was available in the same place?

Well, you are in luck – we’ve put together this ultimate Sydney Backpackers resources guide to help those of you who are looking for some solid time saving tricks for finding the BEST hints, hacks and travel guides in and around Sydney.


The Best Sydney Backpackers Resources

From Facebook groups,  you-tube channels, the most helpful Sydney Hostels and much more; we have put together some of the best resources around for finding the best and most useful information on backpacking in Sydney.  All of these tips have been tried and tested by real backpackers like yourself and will absolutely prove invaluable throughout your time in Sydney.


  1. The Best Sydney Backpackers Facebook Groups


By far one of the best places for finding useful information and networking with other backpackers.

Facebook groups allow you to meet other travellers online who can guide you and give you genuine advice on what has and hasn’t worked for them. They can recommend hostels, tour companies and budgeting tips. You can use these groups to make new friends, find travel buddies and even find work!


  • Sydney Backpackers –

Definitely worth a mention is the very popular Sydney Backpackers Facebook page. Give it a ‘Like’ and keep up to date on all of the latest and best Sydney backpackers tips and travel updates.


This group is great for those looking for work in Sydney. With almost 75000 members, this group is very broad meaning that there will be all kinds of jobs advertised here; from general labouring, cafe work, bar tending to even admin work advertised.


A brilliant Facebook group for those thinking about Au Pairing in Sydney or even for meeting other Au Pair backpackers within the area!


Not entirely Sydney specific but definitely worth mentioning is the Australia Backpackers group. With over 123,000 members; you’re bound to find lots of useful info about not only travelling around Sydney but also Australia in general.


  1. The Best Sydney Backpackers Websites & Travel Blogs


Reading some travel blogs is a brilliant way to find useful information in a neat and organised posting. Blogs are generally kept to the point and usually have lots of links giving you everything you need all in one place.

Here are a few travel blogs that are especially helpful for when backpacking Sydney.


Travel Blogger Dave Jones has a ton of useful information on Sydney in his travel blog. Not only does he have a section dedicated to Sydney travel tips, but he also has a ton of information on other Australian locations too. This blogger is definitely worth checking out.


A brilliant website for all things Australia. Their popular guide to Sydney is perfect for finding some awesome things to do in the Sydney area. From sightseeing, day-trips and even some local getaway ideas, too.


A definite website to visit for all travel destinations worldwide is Lonely Planet. They’re popular for good reason – their travel advice is solid. It’s always genuine, helpful and easy to follow.

  1. YouTube Videos


A very popular place for finding genuine travel tips and hints is on YouTube. Here is a list of some helpful videos with the best tips and advice for travelling in Sydney as a backpacker.


A super helpful video presented by a genuine Sydney Backpacker who gives all her tips and information on how to live as cheaply as possible in Sydney.   She actually shares how she does it.  The videos uploaded to this channel are all made by backpackers giving their true and honest tips whilst staying at the Jolly Swagman Backpackers hostel in Sydney.

Travel Blogger Ally from PsychoTraveller has made the perfect travel tips guide for Australia. Her video will give you loads of info on how to best budget your money in Australia. Her YouTube channel also contains loads of travel content for all across Australia so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Travel vlogger Poppy talks all about all of the FREE and cheap things you can do in and around Sydney. From the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk to free walking tour tips. It’s definitely worth checking out Poppy’s channel for more tips and guides to Sydney and other Australia locations.

A brilliant guide to Sydney covering all the things you must do and see while travelling in the city.


  1. Sydney Backpackers Hostels

 A brilliant place to find insider tips and tricks is at a Backpackers Hostels. These are the perfect places to find literally all of the resources you will ever need for a few reasons:

 Best Backpackers Sydney - Jolly Swagman

  • You can ask the staff for inside tips!
    Staff at backpackers hostel are literally the perfect people to ask for travel advice. This is because they know the area well, they know all the deals and they can also help you with booking tours, often with discounts too!
  • You get to meet other backpackers.
    Finding other travellers who are all in the same boat as you in probably one of the best resources you can get. They can share with you their personal experiences with certain tour companies, restaurants and events that they personally enjoyed doing. Some of the best advice is often off of personal recommendation!
  • They have leaflets, maps and noticeboards.
    All good backpackers are also pretty much tourist centres with backpackers in mind. They usually contain free city maps, leaflets for all of the up and coming events, actives and main attractions.


  1. Jolly Swagman: One of the Best Sydney Backpackers for Resources.


The Jolly Swagman backpackers is the perfect place to find all of your Sydney backpacking resources for many reasons.


  • The staff are top-notch!
    You can ask them anything from travel tips, things to do and see and they’re always giving you the best deals around.
  • They have useful maps and posters all around the hostel.
    One thing that sets the Jolly Swagman apart is the variety of useful information scattering the walls.
    From a map of the local Sydney Markets, to ‘hidden gems’ around Sydney. They even have a ‘Rainy Day’ guide to Sydney. Best of all, they know you’re a backpackers so all of their advice is budget friendly.
  • Cheap weekly specials.
    A great way to save money as a backpacker is booking the weekly special.  At Jolly Swagman backpackers you have amazing weekly and montly specials designed to save you money and that includes breakfast too – this means you can safe your cash for more important things like drinks with friends or sightseeing!


  1. Social Apps for meeting backpackers and locals.


Social apps are a great way to meet fellow backpackers and also locals all around Sydney. These are especially great for those who are working in Au Pair roles or living in a more private accommodation without much chance to otherwise mingle.


A very popular social media app which is mostly used as a phone app but can also be accessed via web browser is Meet Up. It’s a brilliant resource which recommends to you groups and events within close proximity to your location.

Events could be anything from yoga practice to English language practices. You can attend running groups, drama classes and even entrepreneurial or business related events and discussion groups. There really is something for everyone and better yet, it’s completely free!


Hopefully this article has given you the best Sydney Backpackers resouces – lots of useful ideas for places you can visit within and around Sydney, but if you do need any more advice, then feel free to contact the best best Sydney Backpackers of them all – the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney.


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