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Finding work in a big city such as Sydney may seem like a daunting task, but there are actually are a number of easy ways to successfully find jobs in Sydney and all around Australia too!  You’ll actually find there are plentiful jobs for backpackers in Sydney if you follow our hints and tips today.

The ultimate guide for Backpackers Jobs Sydney

These hints and tips are based on the experiences of backpackers in Sydney who have learned through trial and error how to successfully find work.  Here are 7 of the best ways you can find work in Sydney.  Dont forget to read all the way down to tip numbers 6 and 7 – they are by far the most helpful ways of finding backpacker jobs in Sydney.

Sydney Backpacker Job

1. Backpackers Facebook Groups

One of the most popular ways that backpackers in Sydney can find work is through using very popular Facebook Groups.

There are a variety of groups on Facebook that have ben created to help and support backpackers to find work.  Some groups are very specific to advertising jobs in Sydney,  others are broader and focus on advertising backpackers jobs nationally throughout Australia, and some are even specific to finding farm work for your 88 days visa extension requirment.

With such a range of groups to choose from it can be difficult to select which groups to join when looking for work and which to avoid.

Here is are some well recommended Facebook groups you can join to help you with finding work in Sydney as a backpacker:

  • Jobs in Sydney:
    This group is great for backpackers looking for work specifically within the city of Sydney.  With almost 75,000 members this is a very popular group. This group is very broad, meaning that there will be all kinds of jobs advertised here; from general labouring, cafe work, bar tending and admin work, etc, offered.
    Jobs in Sydney has backpacker jobs advertised daily, which makes your chances of finding a relevant job post more likely.
    Note: This group is not specific to only backpackers, which means there may be some permanent jobs advertised which may be better suited to a local residents and may not apply to a backpacker. So keep this in mind when applying for jobs on here.  It is still a great place for backpackers to look for work.
  • Backpackers Jobs in Australia:
    This Facebook group has over 143,000 members – making it a very popular place for Australian employers to advertise jobs and for you to find backpackers jobs.  A benefit of this Facebook group is that it is backpacker specific;  All jobs advertised on the Backpackers Jobs Australia group are suitable for backpackers, which means they may be short-term or causal jobs which tend to be well suited to a backpacker.
    Note: Although this Facebook group often advertises Sydney backpacker jobs, it is not a Sydney specific job group which means that you will also come across many jobs advertised for other locations around Australia.

Top Tips for finding work on Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are very popular, so it can be hard to beat the crowd and compete against the masses of other backpackers who are also applying for the same positions as you.  Here are some tips for using Facebook groups to find work:

  • Be the first to apply – If you can scan these groups regularly, it helps to be one of the first people to apply to an advertisement. Often employers get hundreds of applications and aren’t likely to look past the first batch of applications.  Being one of the first to apply will increase the chances of your application being seen.
  • Follow the instructions – for example,  if the post requests you to email your CV with a cover letter – do exactly that.  Don’t send a private message saying you’re intersted in the job (and visa versa).  It should be common sense, but if you can’t follow a simple instruction, do you think the employer will consider you a suitable candidate for their job?
  • Don’t be afraid to call – If you can ask a potential employer for their phone number it’s a good idea to give them a call and follow up on your application.  Many backpackers find that having the chance to speak to an employer over the phone has helped them to secure a role faster.  Speaking personally to someone helps them to get a better idea of what you are like as a person and it gives you a better chance of selling yourself.
  • Watch out for scams – Unfortunately there some scams out there on public Facebook groups. It’s difficult for these groups to be monitored and often scammers will work within these groups.  Scams could include trying to extract personal information from backpackers by asking them to fill in details on an unofficial site or they will attempt to get a payment from a backpacker before they start their ‘job’.  A general rule is to make sure that you research any employers before you start working with them and if something sounds too good to be true – it most likely is!Backpackers Jobs Sydney - Backpacker Job Board


2. Backpacker Jobs Sydney – Awesome Online Job Board

A great way to find backpacker jobs in Sydney (and all around Australia) is by using the very popular Backpacker Job Board.

As Australia’s number one backpacker job board, there are literally thousands of job opportunities to choose from.  This makes it easier to find very specific job postings that best suit you and your personal skills.

Benefits of using the Backpacker Job board is that you can narrow your search down to very specific categories such as:

  • Location specific work search: ie. Sydney
  • A specific type work roles such as bricklaying, gardening, bartending etc.
  • Farm and fruit picking specific job search ie. Strawberry farms or potato picking jobs.
  • 88 day specific job search
  • Permanent or temporary roles available
  • Resort work ie. Cruise ships or island resort work.

Top Tip for the Backpacker Job Board

Due to the backpacker job boarde being THE go-to website for most backpackers looking for work, many employers will receive hundreds of applications for each job posted. Therefore it’s important to make your application stand out.  Try to write an exciting and relevant covering-letter, attempt to actually phone up the company personally to follow up on the application process and when possible, be one of the first to apply for the position posted.

3. Hand in your resume / CV personally

It may sound old fashioned; after all, everything else is done online these days, right?
However, when it comes to securing jobs in Sydney – nothing beats handing out CVs to the local shops, bars and cafes.

Personally handing in your CV is useful for a few reasons:

  • It is available for the manger to look at there and then. Often emails get lost and aren’t viewed; especially if there is no position available at that moment.  But handing in your CV will make sure they see it straight away.
  • You can ask to see the manager at the same time. It’s hard to judge a person’s character based off a CV.  But if you can hand your CV in directly to the manager, it allows them to see what you are like as a person and they’re more likely to select your CV over others.
  • When you are in the establishment you get to see if you would want to work there – sometimes you get a negative feeling and decide that you wouldn’t want to work there (and thats a good thing, because it will save you time and angst in the search for a job)

4. Official Company Recruitment Pages

If there is a company that you really want to work for, then it’s definitely a good idea to head directly to that company to look for work (by visiting the recruitment pages on their website or via the human resources department).

It’s very common for backpackers to work with companies such as Merivale, Hays or Luna Park Sydney for example.

Most of these companies will advertise job positions exclusively on their company websites rather than on backpacker boards or Facebook groups.

So, if there is a place you have always dreamed of working, of have the skills to easily work for, it is definitely worth scanning daily on the recruitment or ‘work with us’ sections of their sites so that you can grab that position as soon as it becomes available.

5. Online Job Seeker Websites

It’s always worth checking out the popular online job clasified websites such as Gumtree and Seek.

Much like the previously mentioned Backpacker Job Board, these online classified websites allow you to narrow your job search down to specific regions and job role types.

It could also be worth making your own personal addvertisment on these websites.  For example many backpackers will put up an addvert such as ‘’Backpacker seeking work within Sydney’’ and often his will give an employer looking for someone to contact you for a job they may be hiring someone for specifically.   However, proceed with some caution (particularly female backpackers) as the users of these sites are not vetted in any way.

Backpackers Jobs Sydney Job Board

6. Sydney Backpacker Job Assistance Services

Some Sydney backpackers hostels provide notice boards with current job opportunities that are available.  Many employers in Sydney will reach out to backpacker hostels because they are aware that many backpackers are looking for work and can usually start work quickly and on a casual basis.  Hostels are a great place for employers to go because they know they will find workers easily.

At the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney there is a huge notice board on the wall featuring all the latest backpacker jobs in Sydney for their guests.

The hostel also offers regular shout-outs from reception for work available the next day – often warehouse positions, promotions, café work or laboring jobs for example.  Taking up these positions can often lead to ongoing work.

  • Jolly Swagman Jobs Facebook Group
    Jolly Swagman Backpackers offers in house guests an exclusive Facebook Group intended for backpackers staying at the Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney who are looking for work in Sydney.
    Jolly Swagman Jobs is a great option because it is operated by the hostel staff who have experience in helping backpackers find work.  You can be sure the jobs offered are suitable for backpackers and are from trusted employers who have worked with backpackers previously.   They will go out of their way to help find you the most suitable job in Sydney!

7. Ask other backpackers in Sydney for their help and advice in finding work

If there is one major tip we can offer, it is this – talk to other backpackers!  Any backpacker who is currently (or was previously) working in Sydney is going to be able to assit you in your pursuit for work.    Ask them where they are working, what its like, how they found the job and anything else they might like to share to help you in your job search.  As you know backpackers are all super friendly and love to help each other so ask questions and listen to what they have to tell you about finding jobs in Sydney.   Here is a video of a helpful backpacker in Sydney sharing advice on how to find work in Sydney and across Australia.

Have any more questions about work or travel within Sydney?

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